Tips on Making it to the Top in Sports



“ I have received very positive feedback from my swimmers who have worked on their mental preparation with Mario.

The competition results for those swimmers who practiced and implemented his relaxation and focusing strategies were very good.”

Andrew Craven
Youth Coach
London Aquatic Club



“ Mario, a big thank you for the clinic last night. It was exceptional and I'm more motivated than ever for Sunday's Marathon. Energy Management, Energy Management, Energy Management...this will be my mantra for Sunday as I have a history of starting out too fast and paying the price in the last third of the race. Thank you again.”

Jeff Patt
First time Marathoner



“ I wish I had learned these mental skills ten years ago.”

Scratch Golfer



Miranda’s Cover


Mario encourages athletes to keep a journal. He also recommends that the younger ones adorn the covers with pictures reflecting their dreams for their sport.



"If I knew four years ago what I learned this morning I'd be coaching in the OHL today".
Amateur Hockey Coach



images/wheelsinmotion.jpg Mario offering advice in support of Rick Hansen at Rick’s first annual “Wheels in Motion” event.

Training Services

images/a_breath.jpg Introduction

Mental factors play a major role in determining success in sports and the performing arts.

Whether you aspire to reach higher levels, win a scholarship or are involved just for fun, the Performance Enhancement Centre provides the opportunity to learn the mental skills and performance strategies used by successful athletes and performing artists.

Focus of Training Sessions
  • Thought Control ... to remain focused and free of distractions
  • Arousal Management ... to handle nervousness and regulate levels of excitement
  • Coping Strategies ... to deal with high level competition, losses, fatigue and injuries
  • Imagery ... to improve the acquisition and execution of skills and build self-confidence

In this training picture rollover series
James is learning to


  • Goal Setting ... to set goals that work, help sustain motivation, and build self-confidence
  • Resilience ... to rebound from mistakes, failures, disappointments and injuries
  • Anger Management ... to maintain emotional control and remain focused in the presence of frustration
  • Injury Rehabilitation... to recover faster from injuries, maintain self confidence and be better prepared psychologically to return to competition
  • Preparation Strategies ... for key events and high level or major competitions
Types of Training
  • Intensive Training Program
This intensive program offers comprehensive training in all of the basic mental skills and strategies used to enhance performance and compete successfully at the highest levels.

Sessions are held once a week and are a mixture of lecture, discussion, demonstration and practice.

Specific mental skills are assessed through questionnaires and the results used for goal setting and skill development.

Home assignments are given and practice of newly learned skills and strategies is expected between sessions.

Specialized Clinics and Workshops

Specialized Clinics are also offered in relation to the mental side of competing in different sports e.g., Golf, Curling, Hockey, Soccer, Triathalons and Marathons.

Workshops on Basic Mental Toughness are available for individuals and teams in different sports.

Advanced workshops in Mental Toughness are also available.

The Basic and Advanced Workshops involve two 1 1/2 hrs sessions held in the evenings or on weekends.

Mental Toughness Training For Hockey Players

Mario and the Ray McKay Hockey School co-sponsor a basic course in Mental Toughness each year.

Most players who’ve taken the course report they are applying the mental skills learned and say they want to learn more.

Here are but a few examples of what some have said after taking the course.

"Dear Mario:
I would like to take this chance to thank you for teaching me the techniques of imagery, affirmations, belly breathing etc. The course has helped me improve different areas of my game dramatically. Not only has it helped me in hockey and baseball, it has helped me increase my grades in school. I am greatly looking forward to taking the course again next year."

Defence, Age 11

"It would be nice if the rest of my team had the opportunity to take your course in the future"
Defence, Age 14

"I wish this had been shown or taught to me earlier in my sports career"
Defence, Age 16

For more information, contact Ray McKay at 519 666 0651 or Mario at

  • To Aid Learning
    Separate Workshops and Clinics are held for:

    - Athletes and Artists
    - Different age groups
    - Male and female athletes
  • Training is held at convenient times
    During the week in the late afternoon and evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

images/a_stephanie.jpg “Thanks for your help, Mario ”
The number of participants in Workshops and Clinics is limited to 5 - 6

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