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June Marie Provost ,Seven time Gold Medalist in World Master Athletics, setting a 20 km World Record in 2002 at Cooper City, Florida.







Brad Marsh Celebrity Golf Tournament

Brad Marsh

Mario preparing to offer advice to golfers in support of the CNIB
Client Testimonials

“ Mario, my greatest gift this year was learning how to achieve a peak performance through mental focus. You gave me the golden edge! It was a pleasure working with you."
Louise Karch
Gold Medalist
National Adult Figure Skating Championships, 2005

“ Thanks Mario, you got me out of my funk following my loss in Australia that enabled me to go to "Worlds" in Puertro Rico and win three Golds and a Silver !”
June Marie Provost
Gold Medalist
World Masters Athletics, 2003

" Mario, I ran the Ottawa Marathon with a goal of qualifying for Boston. I had pushed pretty hard and my calves were cramping-up at around 30 km . I remembered the 12 Smart Rules for running and distracted myself by playing out songs in my head. I also wore a smile like a crazy man that evoked lots of encouragement from the spectators. Having fun got me through the pain and doubts at the end and I finished almost 5 minutes ahead of my goal -- a personal best !."
Richard Holder

“ Mario, your coaching was simply amazing! I completed the marathon in 4:21, enjoyed it, and am not injured! Thank you again, I truly don't believe I would have been successful had I not attended your clinic. I continued to say "Energy Management, Check Your Form, Relax, Have Fun"!
Jeff Patt

“ Good Morning Mario
I wanted to thank you again for coming and talking to our 10 Km group last evening. I was truly motivated by your talk and found myself with chills on the back of my neck at a couple of points during the presentation ... You must feel very rewarded by the impact that you have on people's lives. ”
Dawn Bayer
Leader, 10 Km Running Room Clinic

“ Dr. Faveri
I just wanted to thank you for your talk at the Running Room last Thursday night. Your talk was very inspiring because I was able to look as some of my old patterns that have surfaced since I started running again after a 35 year layoff. The natural ability has come back but the "nerves" are back too... not to the same extent, but more than could be healthy if I continue. Your talk gave me strategies to use.

You just never know when you when you'll inspire someone ... so I wanted you to know from us, that a few minutes of your time really was worth it! ”
Nancy DePutter
Former Top
Provincial Runner

“ It was a time in my life of physical frustration and pain, which started to affect my golfing ego and creating emotional issues. A pulled groin muscle from curling eventually took my respectable 10 handicap of 30 years to a 27 handicap at the peak. A new hip was installed in 2005.

My work with Mario started prior to learning that a new hip was immanent and he was very instrumental in developing my capabilities not realizing that we were on a difficult path.

His approach is to help clients recognize their goals, and create a belief in themselves and then he takes you over the top by learning to use your mental skills of affirmations, imaging and Process, Process, Process! Currently my handicap is 16 ! ”
Douglas E. Eastman

“ It was early May when I heard you speak about the psychology of marathon running. I had my sights on the Ottawa marathon, less than three weeks away – May 27. At 54 years of age, I finally had some time in my busy life to dedicate to this personal goal. It would be my first marathon ever. Having trained for several months, hammering out the miles week after week and with several short races and three half-marathons under my belt, I felt physically prepared.

Your presentation helped me prepare mentally.

In fact, your advice played a huge role in my success. I had already been following some of the ideas that you expressed, and you helped clarify and confirm for me that I was on the right track. This gave me the confidence to keep moving forward with my plans. You also gave me lots of new ideas too: visualizations, preparation details, emphasizing the process, and more.

And wow! It all came together! I crossed the finish line at 3:46.55, easily on the fast side of my hoped-for time bracket of 3:45 to 4 hours.

I feel elated and deeply satisfied and want to thank you for your wise words.

Thanks again”,

John DePutter

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