Tips on Making it to the Top in Sports






“ I now have better concentration, am more confident and make fewer putts than before.”

Susan Neely






“ The top coaches from across the country are going to be meeting in Calgary next month. Could you come out and be our keynote speaker?

National Olympic Team

Training for individuals or teams, in the mental skills and performance strategies used by successful athletes and performing artists.

Counselling for individuals seeking to generally improve their performance or to address specific challenges, such as dealing with pressure, slumps, mistakes, anger management, and injuries.


Consultation for individuals, teams, coaches and parents on common performance issues and concerns.

Hypnosis for individuals seeking to improve concentration and focus, enter "the zone" on demand, master specific technical skills, eliminate doubt and enhance self confidence.

Workshops for business and industry on:
  • the application of the mental skills and strategies used by successful athletes and performing artists to the workplace.
  • helping employees to ‘start exercising and stay with it' in order to reduce stress and promote health and well being.
Speaking for athletic associations, schools, service clubs and other organizations on "The Mental Side of Sports", various issues in sports and the application of the sport metaphor to everyday living .

Mario's whiteboard in training room:

Alana a young figure skater expressed her sentiments while Mario was chatting with her mother.

Dr. Mario Faveri, Ph.D., C.Psych.
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