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“ I wish I had learned how to handle the mental side of my game earlier in my career.”

Larry Howes
Squash Professional




Mario, "I’ve heard a lot of motivational speakers. Without question, this has been the most inspirational presentation that I’ve heard in a long time!"

Business Executive
About The Centre

Goal and Mission of the Centre

The Performance Enhancement Centre focuses on the mental side of performing and the development and use of specific skills and strategies known to be related to success in sports and the performing arts.

The goal of the Centre is to help individuals achieve greater success, satisfaction and enjoyment and an increased sense of self-worth from their involvement in sports or the performing arts.

The Centre's mission is to help athletes and performing artists " to become the best that they can be! "

images/indexpic-marathon.gif Who the Centre Serves

The Centre's services are for individuals and teams performing at all levels.

Confidentiality of Service

All work with athletes, artists, teams and/or groups is done on a confidential basis.

Service Locations

Services are provided from convenient locations in London and the Greater Toronto Area (Mississauga and North York).

All locations are wheelchair accessible.

Dr. Mario Faveri, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Serving London and the Greater Toronto Area
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