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“ Mario I couldn’t have done it without the time we spent together! ”

World Champion Gold Medalist




Mario after being interviewed by Dr. Peggy Malone of Rogers Television on how we can motivate ourselves to exercise.





Where were you ten years ago? If I knew then what I learned this afternoon, I'd still be playing in the NHL."

Former NHL Player




Mario offering advice to runners at the Forest City Marathon.
About Dr. Mario Faveri

Mario has a doctorate in Psychology and is a Registered Psychologist. He has taught at the university level and worked as a Clinical Psychologist in Education and the Mental Health and Addictions fields.

After two years of extensive training in performance enhancement, he established his professional practice in 1997 to give individuals of all ages an opportunity to increase their ability to perform by learning the skills and strategies used by successful athletes and performing artists.

Since then, he has worked with more than 300 teams, coaches and a variety of athletes who compete locally and at the provincial, national and international levels.

Mario is sought after as a speaker by teams and athletic associations and is used as a resource by sports writers, columnists and commentators in all branches of the media. He has written extensively for various magazines on issues related to sports and the performing arts.

He has been a member of the Goodlife Toronto Marathon Psyching Team since its inception more than 10 years ago. It’s made up of psychologists and other mental health professionals and provides advice and support to runners before, during and after the marathon. He co-ordinates The Psych on Bikes unit of the team which ride the entire course offering advice and support from their bicycles to runners during the marathon.

"Teaching Mental Toughness to young soccer players in an impoverished area of Peru"
images/a_psychonabike.jpgHe works with Canada’s Olympic and National athletes through the Canadian Sports Centre (Ontario), is a member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, the Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sports Psychology and the Ontario Psychological Association. He has completed Levels I and II of the National Coaching Certification Program.

Mario has a lengthy history of volunteering which includes sitting on several boards of mental health and social service agencies and being a founding member of a residential treatment service for troubled youth. His longstanding work on behalf of children was recognized in 1987 when he was presented with the Volunteer of the Year Award by the Rt. Honourable Lincoln Alexander, Governor General of the Province of Ontario.

The London Sports Film Festival held in 2004 featured four of the greatest sports movies ever made. Each was followed by a panel discussion involving an athlete and coach of the sport featured in the movie shown.

Mario was a permanent member of the panel. Click below to hear some of the comments he made on each film’s portrayal of the mental side of competing.

images/slap-shot.jpg Mario discussing SLAP SHOT’s portrayal of violence in hockey with Jerry Welsh who played for the Johnstown Jets when background material was being gathered for the film being made.      Ranked 5th best

images/when-we-were-kings.jpg Commenting on the portrayal of Muhammad Ali in WHEN WE WERE KINGS and what he did to enhance his self confidence.      Ranked 10th best

images/hossiers.jpg Discussing the focus of Coach Dale’s pre-game pep talks in HOOSIERS.      Ranked 6th best

images/bull-durham.jpg Commenting on the problems with superstitions as seen in BULL DURHAM.      Ranked as the best ever made


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